Only Evernote? We are different, we use fully tag-based system to organize your notes, to record your memory in a well-organized, brain-like and visual way.


Fully Tag-Based

Traditional apps use folders to organize notes, like Evernote, this approach requires you to spend tons of time to organize your notes, thinking which folder to put your notes in, or everything will end up with a mess.

In Midinote, we use tag-based system to classify content, it brings you a quick, well-organized way to take notes.

Mindmap & Visualization

With time, your tags will grow up into a Mindmap tree, and you can recall your memory in a visual way.

Personal Knowledge-Base

In Midinote, every tag is an article, or, if you are familiar with Wikipedia, every tag is an entry of encyclopedia, you can browse and jump back and forth between tags, just like you do in the web browser.

With Midinote, you are building a personal knowledge base.

Support 100% Off-line Use

You can use all Midinote's functionalities anytime and anywhere , even without Internet connection, and Midinote promise never to analyze user's private data.