About Us

Midinote is a unique notebook app for taking notes quickly and methodically.

Who We Are?

We used to be deep users of Evernote, but when the number of notes getting bigger and bigger, we found we need to spend a lot of time organizing the notes, or everything will end up with a mess. Therefore, we started to develop a new type of notebook app and created Midinote.

About the Name: Midinote

The name comes from the philosopher Sartre's story.
In a biography of Sartre (Adieux: A Farewell to Sartre), he told a story about his notebook, he says, one day, he accidentally found a notebook on a metro train, a blank notebook with alphabetical tabs. So he used it to record some of his thoughts on it, if one note that he wants to write down starts with letter 'A', then he writes it on pages under the 'A' tab. This is how he organizes his notes. So, in this simple notebook, Sartre wrote down his famous thoughts of the Existentialism. Sartre mentioned that there are some weird words on the cover of the notebook: "Midi Suppositories". That's the story. So we hope our Midinote is such a simple but useful thing. Please give Midinote a try, it is waiting you to write down your big thoughts!

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us by email or social media.

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